One of the fastest electric scootersaround that has a top speed of around 37 MPH and a range of up to 62 miles.


The MX60 electric scooter is an excellent scooter choice if you enjoy the versatility of on and off-road riding. The suspension system is also pretty stellar. The Mercane MX60 is made for endurance riding with its beefy looking exterior, thick tyres and solid stem. You’ll go far with escooter – literally, and reach those max ranges that the Mercane MX60 is known for!


Mercane MX60 – The Lowdown

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The Mercane MX60 is one of those electric scooters made for the brave at heart. If endurance is in your blood, then the MX60 is for you. With a powerful 1200 Watt dual motor system and three power modes, you have the ultimate selection of torque, distance and speed at your fingertips. The suspension properties of this escooter are also rock-solid with air shocks AND a damping control mechanism that’ll have you smiling (and not wincing) all the way as you navigate hills, dips and bumps with precision. If you are looking for an electric scooter with character and mammoth power, check out our review to see if the MX60 could be the one for you.


Mercane MX60 Specifications

Motor Dual 1200W motors
Battery 60V, 20Ah or 10Ah battery pack
Charge Time 4 to 6 hours on dual charge, 6 to 10 hours using the single charge battery port
Single-Charge Mileage 62 miles or 100 km
Max Speed 37 MPH/59 km/h
Climbing Range As high as 40 Degrees
Braking System Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Lighting Front and rear LED lights
Horn Electric horn
Max Load 286 lbs. (130 kg)
Scooter Weight 77 lbs. (35 kg)
Product Material CNC aluminium
Folding Handlebar Unspecified – Alloy Frame
Folding Steering Tube Unspecified – Alloy Frame
Suspension Air shock absorption with an additional damping control system
Size (L x W x H, mm) Unfolded: 127 x 62 x 128cm
Folded: 127 x 39.5 x 54.5cm
Water Resistance IP65 water resistance rating

Mercane MX60 Review Video


Check out this review of the MX60 by Wrong Way! as they delve into what makes this escooter so unique and a must-have for off-road riding.

Mercane MX60 Pros


tickicon Dual purpose scooter than can tackle both on and off-road terrain

tickicon Has excellent range capabilities

tickicon The suspension system is second to none

tickicon Has an easy-to-use folding mechanism and foldable handlebars for better portability

tickicon Requires little maintenance

Mercane MX60 Cons


red The deck could be extended

red The front headlight is not that bright

red The design of the angle of the stem could be improved upon

red Not the lightest scooter to carry around

Mercane MX60 Summary


The MX60 is an eye-catching, staunch electric scooter that commands respect due to its sheer size and composition. Dual motor power of 1200 Watts and three power modes gives this scooter the strength it needs to smash steep inclines (as high as 40 degrees) without compromising on power. And don’t even get me started on its suspension properties- talk about next level! Tubeless, 11 inch pneumatic tyres and air shocks will have you drifting over bumpy surfaces with supreme simplicity. Its brakes make it a pretty sweet deal too; you can rely on its dependable dual mechanical disc brakes to stop safely. And a 60volt 20Ah rechargeable battery will give you that 60-mile range you’ve been craving for. This scooter is so-so heavy at 77 lbs. (35 kg) but it’s not hard to see why due to its superb quality. And to top it all off, it can handle all types of terrain.



Performance Overview


The MX60 electric scooter is a powerhouse of an escooter. 2400 W motor power is what gives this scooter sensational torque and riding capabilities, sailing over hills and accomplishing long distances without difficulty. It is also one of the fastest scooters around, coming in at just under the 40 MPH of the Dualtron Compact. Three convenient power modes (Eco, Standard, and Sports) give you the luxury of choosing your ideal speed and torque. Mechanical disc brakes give this speed-machine great stopping action and a clever design allows you to adjust the settings (including gears, cruise control, dual versus single mode, and the throttle) within hand’s reach.

Mercane MX60


Top Speed & Acceleration


The MX60 electric scooter boasts top speeds of up to 37 MPH and is in the top five of the fastest electric scooters that you’ll find on the market today.


Hill Climbing


The Mercane MX60 is one of those electric scooters that can tackle inclines as high as 40 degrees with no problems at all. Built for outdoor use, the MX60 has the sort of motor power that very few scooters can brag about, and tackling hills is just another part of the MX60’s modus operandi.

Battery Life & Range


The MX60 electric scooter has two battery charge points for when you need to remove the rechargeable battery and charge it elsewhere and is a really handy and helpful feature. Simply umplug the 60V, 20Ah battery and recharge when necessary without having to carry the whole scooter to the nearest charge point to charge the battery.


Motor Configuration


Dual 1200 Watt motors gives this scooter the torque it needs to traverse both on and off-road terrain and hilly inclines exceptionally well. The MX60 comes with three power modes – Eco, Standard and Sports – that you can alternate between using the single or dual motor mode depending on how fast you want to reach its max range of 62 miles.


Construction & Build Quality


The Mercane MX60 is a mighty-looking electric scooter with a formidable build quality that is as solid as can be. Chrome plates, a sturdy stem and a thicker than average tyre size give this scooter an indestructible robotic-like appearance. And its highly durable aluminium frame will remain in mint condition (if cared for properly) for years to come.



The suspension of Mercane MX is exemplary. With its air shock absorbers and an additional damping control system, the MX60 has superior air suspension that’ll see you gliding over bumpy surfaces effortlessly. The ride comfort of this electric scooter is simply unmatched!

Ride Quality


The ride quality of this MX60 offers superior ride comfort and is one of the things that the Mercane MX60 is known for. This escooter is built for a mission, that’s for sure, with its wide, solid tyres that literally appear indestructible. These pneumatic tyres work well with the air shocks at absorbing the jarring effects of bumpy ground, giving you a ride quality that is oh so cool.



The braking performance of the MX60 is also pretty awesome, largely in part to its dual disc brakes that provide extra stopping power. The front and rear brakes on the MX60 are activated by pressing on the brake levers to set the braking process in motion. Disc brakes are considered the most popular and safest brake type on an electric scooter and are extremely efficient in rainy and dry conditions.



The Mercane electric scooter is not the lightest of electric scooters by any means, weighing in at a hefty 77 lbs. However, what it lacks in lightness it makes up in with its simple twisting folding mechanism that allows you to fold up and lock this escooter in place for better portability. The handlebars are also capable of folding inwards, making the scooter more compact, ready to lift up and go.


Water Resistance


The MX60 electric scooter has an IP65 water resistance rating, which means that it can handle water splashes and the odd drizzle here and there. This scooter is also fitted with large front and rear mudguards that also act as a protective barrier against water damage.




The MX60 comes with great lighting features, specifically the tail lights and the brakes lights which work especially well. While the front light on the stem of this electric scooter looks impressive, it could be a lot brighter, especially if you are planning to ride at night. Therefore, it may be better to invest in an additional headlight and even side deck lights to increase your visibility after dark.




The tyres of the Mercane MX60 are one of the features that really stands out on this zippy e-scooter. The tubeless pneumatic tyres are an incredible 11 x 4 inches wide, and you can tell just by looking at them that they mean business! Being tubeless, pneumatic tyres, they are less prone to punctures; however, they still give you the airiness you need to skim over uneven surfaces without feeling the impact as much.



The width of the deck of the Mercane MX60 is spacious enough to stand comfortably enough on its surface. However, its could ideally be just a tad longer to enable one to stand with one foot in front of the other in a comfortable riding stance.


Controls & Display


The Mercane MX60 electric scooter has a neat display LCD panel situated on the handlebars where you can check out the stats and adjust its settings such as cruise control, kick and go sensitivity, screen brightness etc. Press down on the pull throttle situated just next to the display screen to accelerate in speed.

Mercane MX60 electric scooter


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The Mercane MX60 comes with a 6-month warranty and a 14 day returns policy as per the supplier’s website




The Mercane MX60 is not difficult to maintain as it’s practically bulletproof. Other than recharging the battery fully after use and storing your escooter in cool, dry conditions, the MX60 is easy to look after.

Accessories & Upgrades



There is so much you can do to amp up the appearance of the MX60 from adding a front headlight to the handlebars, to acquiring a seat for a more leisurely riding experience, to adding replacement parts such as the rear and front mudguards and its original tray parts, all of which are readily available from major retailers such as AliExpress and eBay.

Known Issues




Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


The Mercane MX60 is one of the most competitively priced electric scooters for what you’re getting. The MX60 comes with some neat features that are comparable (and in some instances are even better) than some of the best electric scooters on the market such as the Zero 10x and the Dualtron Spider, and is available at a price point $2000 or £1400 depending on which retailer you purchase it from. With an above-average suspension system, removable battery, a useful folding mechanism, and a mean build quality, this motor electric scooter is worth every penny.

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