NEOZIN EV, a small beast that shuttles in the city, is the top presence in electric skateboards. NEOZIN EV grandly launches the ORNO series

Intelligent travel is a hot field in recent years. NEOZIN  is one of the best. This company was founded in Weihai in 2016 and launched the WIDE WHEEL series of…

Intelligent travel is a hot field in recent years. NEOZIN  is one of the best. This company was founded in Weihai in 2016 and launched the WIDE WHEEL series of electric scooters at the beginning of its establishment. With its unique shape , Stable riding feeling, deeply loved by consumers. So in 2021, NEOZIN has created a new product with full sense of technology, he is ORNO.

Let’s see what makes ORNO different.

I、product details

My first impression of NEOZIN ORNO is that it has a sense of technology. From the outer packaging to the interior, compared to other electric scooters I have experienced before, it has a brighter feeling, and the tire width is 11CM, which is like the Mercedes-Benz of electric scooters.

▼▽ Full sense of technology

NEOZIN ORNO is available in white and black, which maintains a low-key and introverted style, but it can also not lose its appearance. Especially the baffle of the two tires is a magical touch. Makes its sense of science and technology bursting.

▼▽ The overall appearance is good

In the details part, a better and more convenient folding system was replaced on the original basis, which is convenient and stable and obtained the national utility model patent. .

ORNO’s tires are designed with three layers of material, widened and explosion-proof, and the grip is significantly improved. The interior is filled with softer rubber to enhance its shock absorption effect, and the experience in city riding is great.

ORNO adopts the dual brake system design of drum brake and electronic brake. In daily practice, ORNO controls the braking distance within 5 meters, and the braking is reliable.

▼▽ The brakes are reliable

▼▽ Rear lamp

The rear taillight eliminated the previous LED lamp beads and used a more avant-garde COB light strip, which is better than LED in terms of waterproof and light color.

After looking at the rear of the car, let’s take a look at the front of the car. In the middle of the handlebar is an LED display, which can display speed, mileage, voltage, cruise control and light signs.

ORNO is equipped with front lights, 2 high-power LED lamp beads so that you will not get lost at night in the city.

The handlebars are equipped with a non-slip design, and the throttle is also equipped with a non-slip treatment. The re-molded and customized accelerator based on ergonomic design is more comfortable to use.

▼▽ Grip

ORNO uses a hidden circuit design to hide all the power cords on the grips, leaving only one brake cable. It looks more concise.

▼▽ Electric scooter folding

After the electric scooter is folded, the advantages of convenient carrying can be reflected. It is feasible to put it in the trunk of the car or take it home a short distance. In order to provide sufficient power and structural stability, the ORNO material is very solid. The weight of the ORNO single drive is 23.3KG. Boys can lift it with one hand, while girls can lift it with two hands.

▼▽ Edible grade silicone pedal


II、Power and battery life

Full of motivation, this is my biggest feeling about ORNO. As long as it is a slope that a car can climb, the ORNO dual-drive can climb it.

500W motor drive, full power, self-developed control system better solve the problem of linear acceleration, full power, stable start, a perfect interpretation of what is Tiehan’s tenderness.

In terms of endurance, both single and dual motors can reach about 45km in energy-saving mode (20KM/H); for the best speed, the speed limit is lifted (40KM/H) and the follow-up flight is only about 35km.

▼▽ Widened tires drive more smoothly

In the user experience, whether it can be put in the trunk is an important indicator. My trunk puts down ORNO perfectly, so taking a scooter on weekends is also a comfortable choice.



All in all, ORNO is a vehicle that is very suitable for urban commuting. It has a perfect shape design. The aluminum alloy of the car does not cut corners. Of course, this also increases the weight of the car body. There is no perfect thing in the world. ORNO is pursuing quality. At the same time, some lightness of the car body must be sacrificed. The appearance is bursting, and it will always give people a bright feeling when riding on the road, and the rate of turning back after experiencing a lap is super high. I think you will like him, won’t you.

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