MX60 Parameters And Introduction

The Mercane MX60 has a dual motor system that can carry you up to 100km on any terrain, and it folds so that you can easily store it away The battery is easily removed from your scooter for easy recharging. Although the MX60 is one of the largest electric scooters available, it folds easily so that it takes up minimal storage space.

Motor power : 60V 2400W dual (*60v 10Ah)

Battery: 60V 20Ah separable battery pack

Max speed: 60km/h

Max Drive range: 100km(*50km)

Max load: 120kg

Weight: 27kg

Battery Weight : 7kg(*4kg)

Suspension: Air shock absorbed with the damping control system

Tire: Tubeless 11-inch air tire


The MX60 is an eye-catching electric scooter that boast a powerful Dual 1200W motors yet still weighs in under 35kg. Featuring a simple twist-style folding mechanism and collapsible handlebars, making the MX60 more compact and portable than its bulky competitors. With a combination of ultrawide 11 x 4-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres as well as front & rear air shocks, the MX60 power horse boasts one of the best suspension systems currently available in today’s market. Sturdy enough to carry loads of up to 120kg and still turn heads with its cutting edge design. With the MX60 you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee…

Incredible power Get up to 100kmph


Accelerator, driving mode, change button, convert dual/single, disc brake horn button, front-wheel horm button, one/off light and anti-fitigue button


Powerful dual motor drive system for powerful power up to 25km/h limit at top speeds and climbing angles of up to 40%. The drive of the MX60 can deliver stable driving performance. Powerful and smooth in al road conditions.


11 inch air tyre without extra wide tyres and double front disc brake calipers for effective and stable braking all the time. In addition, there are top-ranking brake pads that are resistant to abrasion.

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