Mercane Jubel Electric Scooter Review: 12-inches of Go!

Mercane Jubel $1,299 From the makers of the WideWheel Pro, we bring you, The Mercane Jubel electric scooter–A.k.a The Pothole King. In a world where many electric scooters have no…

Mercane Jubel


From the makers of the WideWheel Pro, we bring you, The Mercane Jubel electric scooter–A.k.a The Pothole King.

In a world where many electric scooters have no style at all, Mercane scooters will make you stop and look. The WideWheel Pro is quite memorable–the Bat-mobile of electric scooters and the Mercane Jubel electric scooter will be just as memorable, because have you seen those bicycle wheels?

This review reveals the three reasons that make this big-wheeled, Mercane the best choice for a certain set of riders.

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 24.3 mph*
Tested range: 23.8 mi*
Weight: 50 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Excellent Stability And Cornering {From the 12″ Air-Filled Tires}
A Big Comfy Grippy Deck
Eye-catching Design
For Some Riders Initial Acceleration May Feel Too Soft
It Would Benefit From A More Modern Stem Latch
Larger Wheels Mean It’s Less Portable Than Other Single-Motor E-Scooters

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Mercane Jubel Electric ScooterSummary

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The Jubel electric scooter is both a step up and step down from its sibling, the WideWheel Pro.

For instance, the Jubel electric scooter is stripped of a second motor and instead comes with a single, rear domiciled motor, while the WideWheel Pro has dual 500W motors. Depending on where you look, you’ll see this same scooter listed as a 500W or an 800W scooter. Our performance testing puts it at around 650W.

The immediate impact is on the hill climbing ability–where the Jubel was slower to the top of our hill climb test.

The ride quality is also different. The WideWheel Pro has suspension to smooth out the ride from its small-diameter solid tires. Alternatively, the Jubel keeps things smooth, without suspension, by using large 12 inch diameter air-filled tires.

Structural-wise, the Wide wheel Pro has an unusually narrow deck, while the Jubel’s deck is just huge. The neck, handle, and cockpit are identical. And due to the sturdier structure, you are sure that the Jubel can take more of a beating than its sibling.

The Jubel electric scooter also gives us a better range and braking, making it a credible urban commuter.

Read on to find out how the Jubel electric scooter performs against some of the best electric scooters in and out of its class.

Our Take: Style Meets Comfort in Reliability’s Backyard!

Mercane Jubel Alternatives and Competitors

TAUR Vs. Mercane Jubel

TAUR is lighter weight, more compact, and has a higher IP rating, but it has a shorter range and is a slower hill climber

Dualtron Mini Vs. Mercane Jubel

The Dualtron Mini has a much higher top speed and quicker acceleration, but braking distance is much longer, and throttle ergonomics aren’t as good.

Inokim Quick 4 Super Vs. Mercane Jubel

The Quick 4 Super is more portable and has quicker acceleration, but smaller diameter tires mean it’s not as stable, and it’s more expensive for basically the same range and top speed.

Comparison Table


Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
TAUR 21.7 mph 12.1 mi 38 lb $1,495
Inokim Quick 4 Super 23.8 mph 24.6 mi 46 lb $1,399
Mercane Jubel 24.3 mph 23.8 mi 50 lb $1,299
Minimotors Dualtron Mini 30.3 mph 27.2 mi 49 lb $1,499


Is It Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

If you are under 220 lbs, then maybe. But given that riders close to the limit experience decreased performance, then the Mercane Jubel electric scooter might not be the best pick for heavy riders.

However, the wider deck, 39-inch handlebar height, powerful 800W motor, and sizable 720 Wh battery come together to give riders within the recommended weight a good riding experience.

Mercane Jubel Electric ScooterReview

Performance Summary

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph) 5.6 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph) 8.8 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 25 mph) 17.0 seconds
Top speed 24.3 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph) 11.1 feet
Range 23.8 miles
Hill climb 14.9 seconds


From a complete stop, the Mercane Jubel electric scooter has smooth acceleration. It starts slowly but quickly picks up on speed. To 15 mph, the Jubel takes 5.6 seconds, 8.8 seconds to 20 mph, and 17 seconds to 25mph. The smooth and fast progression makes the scooter ideal for beginners and intermediate riders.

However, the Jubel’s pick-up is significantly slower than other scooters in its class. For instance, the Inokim Quick 4 Super reaches 15 mph in 4.7 seconds, while the Dualtron Mini takes just 4.3 seconds.

Top Speed

A scooter can look as good as a bride on her wedding day, but without speed, it’s basically the worn-out bride at the end of the reception–not as appealing.

Luckily, the Jubel is one fast single-motor scooter. We got an ESG-certified top speed of 24 mph, more than enough speed to keep up with city traffic.

Don’t get us wrong; there are plenty of scooters that ride this fast at the same price point. However, here’s something that surprised us. The Jubel electric scooter set a higher average speed during the range test than the Vsett 10+ and came in just behind the (2 and a half times more expensive) Segway GT-1.

What’s the reason? Well, the Mercane Jubel is way faster around corners, as you can see in the data here.

Same Corner

Jubel corner speed (blue)
Vsett 10+ corner speed (red)

The same cornerstone that we take at 8 mph on the Vsett, we found ourselves routinely carving at 13 mph or faster on the Jubel. Impressive!

The Jubel e-scooter’s stability tricks you into riding faster and in a straight line, too, because you just don’t feel the speed as much. This is something you’d never know from reading the specs.

Hill Climb

Scooters with big wheels tend not to be as quick uphill, so it was a pleasant surprise when it averaged 9 mph up our steep 10% grade test hill from a standing start.

The other Mercanes, the WideWheel Pro and the WideWheel Dual managed better speeds on the hill due to the higher torque from the dual motors–the WideWheel Pro at 12.5 mph and the WideWheel Dual at 12.2 mph.

However, in typical cities, you’re unlikely to encounter a hill the Jubel electric scooter won’t climb.


It would be a big let-down if the Jubel went fast but didn’t go far. Luckily, this scooter is the perfect urban excursion partner.

The Mercane Jubel electric scooter has a good range covering an ESG-certified 23.8 miles of hard riding on our urban range test circuit. We have the 48 V 15 Ah, 720 Wh battery to thank for this range. However, we’re not too pumped that it features generic cells as these aren’t great for battery life. Also, the battery is fairly large, so we wish the Jubel came with two charge ports. The charge time is 6 to 8 hours, from empty to full.

That aside, the Mercane Jubel electric scooter does out-mile some of our favorite, more expensive scooters, e.g., The Segway GT1at 21.9 miles and the Apollo City at 22.7 miles. On that same beat, it is also outdone by more affordable scooters like the Ninebot Max at 28.1 miles and the infamous Xiaomi M365 Pro at 25.1 miles. Therefore, the Jubel Electric scooter is the sweet spot for speed and range in its class.


Another favorite of ours is good braking, which speaks for itself.

Braking on the Mercane Jubel electric scooter is good. The e-scooter stops from 15 mph in just 11.1 feet. This is better than the WideWheel Pro, which gave us a stopping distance of 13 ft. The Jubel ties with the Zero 8X at 11.1 ft, falls slightly behind the Mantis 8 Pro at 11.0 ft, and outbrakes the Ninebot Max at 11.3 ft.

Mercane Jubel Front Drum brake

The Mercane Jubel electric scooter is equipped with a front drum brake and rear disc brake. We love drum brakes because they are inherently less grabby than discs, so you’ll never put yourself over the handlebars with these brakes. However, you will need strong hands to get maximum stopping power.

Drum brakes also have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than disc brakes.

We’ve also heard that the rear disc brake has regen braking, but we weren’t able to detect any.

Ride Quality

The Mercane Jubel electric scooter has a ride quality that is a good fit for newer riders who want to go fast and safely. Or experienced riders who don’t want to slow down for anything.

There’s a group of commuters that are reluctant to try electric scooters due to a lack of trust for small wheels. But as they say, “there’s something for everyone.” The Jubel is a different kind of scooter–not entirely unique in this–but one of the scooters with 12-inch tires.

The 12-inch spinners give the Jubel near-bicycle-level stability. On straight roads, our rider reports that he found himself riding at higher speeds than usual and also felt like he didn’t need to slow down as much for rough pavement, speedbumps, or corners.

The riding platform is like a multi-layered cake with something for everyone. The Jubel’s deck is a mix of a comfy rubber deck with runs of high-traction grip tape. During the range test, our rider did most of the steering with his feet, sort-of skateboard style, and treated the bars more like hand rests than handlebars.

A front-toe bumper keeps your feet off the charge port and a super extended deck along the sides of the fender that you can use to shift your weight during hard stops.

The overall riding style of the Mercane Jubel electric scooter is smooth-and-fast. Some people will love the throttle because no matter what you do, the response is just so smooth. However, knowing the varied interests of riders, we know some of you may want a more aggressive start. Our rider found himself sometimes giving it a second kick to get things moving when leaving a stop sign, even in Sport Mode with zero-start turned on.

Mercane Jubel Electric ScooterFeatures


Folded Mercane Jubel

We’ve hinted at the large deck and wheels, which could only mean one thing–that it’s going to be a tight squeeze getting the Mercane Jubel electric scooter into most trunks, despite the folding handlebars. Small price to pay?

The stem latch is unusual. The stem pushes the pin down , so the stem automatically stays centered on the deck when folded. The Wide Wheel Pro is the only other scooter we’ve tested that uses this style. It’s not as quick as other stem latches.

And, at an ESG-certified 50 pounds, its weight is right on par with peers like the Dualtron Mini and Inokim Quick 4, and it’s 6 pounds lighter than its smaller-looking sibling, the Wide Wheel Pro. We’re pretty sure the average adult would have no problem carrying it up a couple of flights of stairs daily.



The Jubel’s cockpit is the same as the Wide Wheel Pro. In the middle is the LCD dashboard with a speedometer that’s easy to read in any light. There’s a battery gauge, as well as a voltmeter, and just a couple of buttons to switch from ECO mode to Sport mode and turn on the lights.

Mercane Jubel Display

There’s no app, but there are P-settings that let you turn on cruise control, enable zero-start and switch units of the display to kilometers or miles. P-1 lets you turn off the top speed limit, but ours was already in the fastest mode right out of the box.


Mercane Jubel Headlight

There is not much to write home about the lights–they are pretty basic in form and function. Though the rear light/brake light is a little cooler than most–there is a super cool-looking flush-mounted along the rear fender.

Mercane Jubel rear brake light

At the front is a high-mounted headlight that is not very bright, but it is still enough to make you visible to others


It’s near impossible to miss the tires–they’re right there in their massive glory.

The Mercane Jubel electric scooter rocks a set of 12 inch x 2 inch large pneumatic inner tube tires. What they lack in width, they definitely make up for in height (or is it length). The size is great for stability. And the fact that they are pneumatics, makes up for the scooter’s lack of suspension in absorbing some of those road shocks.

Also, aside from being big, the wheels are cool looking and feature split rims for easy tire changes.



The Jubel’d deck is a deck we can’t disagree with. It is the right size(10 inch by 19 inch, extending along the fenders lengthwise and with good width. But that’s not all. The Jubel also incorporates a good mix of comfy rubber deck and runs of high-traction of grip tape. Now, this means that riders experience next-level riding stability and even unlock new deck-steering ability. Overall, the Jubel has one of the best deck experiences–and it also greatly elevates the scooter’s aesthetics.

Build Quality


The Mercane Jubel electric scooter is minimalistic but stylish, with one of the cleanest cuts. The wires are neatly routed through the stem for safety and aesthetics. The hydroformed metal is also neat and sturdy, with a well-done coat of paint that pops in both the white and black variations of this scooter.

There are a few similarities between the Jubel and the Wide Wheel Pro electric scooters. Chief among them is the neck, handle, and the cockpit.

One odd detail is there is no steering stop, so if you ever wanted thumb brakes, here’s your chance (JOKING, DON’T DO THIS). But seriously, be careful not to stress your brake cable by turning the handlebars too far.

Mercane Jubel Key ignition

The key ignition is kind of cool because it turns on immediately, without pushing any other buttons, and it adds a little more security if you remember to take the keys out. As for the folding bars, they take a firm grip to fold, but on the plus side, when you’re riding, they feel very solid.

Fender protection is excellent, and the rear fender feels very well made. There’s also an optional seat that bolts onto the deck.


Safety-oriented riders will like the big pothole-resistant wheels, the fact that the drum brakes won’t put you over the bars, and a smooth throttle.

It’s also got a super cool-looking flush-mounted brake light in the rear fender and a high-mounted headlight for good visibility.

We don’t usually make fun of owner’s manuals since we can’t translate them any better, but these two outtakes were too funny not to share:

“Under the Korean Road, Traffic Law wide heels are classified as prime movers.”


“This product is made for single use. Do not burn your passenger.”

Note taken, Mercane!

Translation aside, it’s one of the better manuals we’ve seen.


Mercane offers a standard 12-month warranty on the Mercane Jubel electric scooter. However, you need to really dig deep into the warranty policy to find out what parts are covered under what length. For instance, the tire’s brake pads, charge port cover, and grips are only covered for 90 days. Alternatively, the battery pack, engine controller unit, dash control panel brake cable, battery charger, and motors are covered for 180 days/ 6 months.

While the folding mechanism and support & pole, deck & frame, handlebar assemble, and front support neck meet the full 12-month warranty coverage. These are not the comprehensive details, and we advise due diligence before committing to owning the Jubel.

Mercane Jubel: Review Conclusion


Mercane Jubel full profile

When we first unboxed the Mercane Jubel electric scooter and saw the specs, we all thought the most interesting thing about this electric scooter might be the way it looks. And honestly, that would have made this a difficult 8 minutes of video. But after a week of testing, we can see three compelling reasons to buy this scooter.

First off is safety. Some people don’t like the idea of small wheels on an electric scooter because they’re afraid of the implications. But the Jubel’s wheels are nearly bicycle sized and carry the implied safety benefits of larger wheels.

Second, we have safety again: No matter how rough your throttle and brake inputs are, the Jubel will still give you a relatively smooth, predictable ride.

Third, and lastly, at the opposite end of the spectrum, if your riding style is already smooth and fast, this scooter will make you even smoother and faster, as long as you’re ok with a slower launch when leaving stop signs.


And… as a bonus, it’s not just easy to ride; it also really stands out in a crowd. We hope that makes enough of a case for the Jubel as your next scooter. However, at its price point, we think there’s newer, bigger, and better.

But if you’re a fan of everything nice we had to say about the Mercane Jubel electric scooter, use the link below. It helps support what we’re doing, and Fluid Freeride is hands-down the best place to buy one—offering the best after-sale support in the US.

Mercane Jubel Electric ScooterSpecifications

Make Mercane
Model Jubel
Weight 48 lb
Folded dimensions 50 by 10 by 21 in
Motor power, continuous 500 W
Top speed 25 mph
Range 40 mi
Battery capacity 720 Wh
Battery recharge time 6 to 8 hrs
Max rider weight 220 lb
Brake type Drum + Disc
Tire type 12.0 in Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
Built-in lights Front + Rear
Water resistance IP54
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